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The Digital Cohort

September 13, 2010

With the drastic expansion of the #SAchat community over the last several months, many professionals have found value in specific conversations targeted towards their functional area.  In doing so, they create new communities, new support systems, and allow for more refined conversations about topics at the core of their daily work.  In watching these communities grow, and finding value in many of them myself and I approached grad school, I was intrigued about passing comments about the creation of undergraduate chats related to student affairs.  While many of these comments were just that, as I watched the daily tweets of my fellow bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first years enter their first classrooms and crack open Komives, Evans, and the like for the first time, I wondered if this group might find value or community in a specialized group as so many professionals representing all segments of the their Division had created.

So the request went out, and thankfully folks like @DebTaub were quick to support it; and as eager as I was to explore its potential.  Turns out there is a growing network of graduate students discovering not only the value of Twitter and #SAchat as an opportunity for professional development, but as a support system.  Looking over what we have generated thus far in conversation over the new #SAgrad hashtag as well a GoogleDoc for brainstorming, it’s clear that beyond transitioning from their undergraduate experience, students in Student Affairs graduate programs are confronting a wide variety of questions and challenges to prepare them for the field.

The concept is simple. If you’re a grad student in a Student Affairs Master’s program (or invested in helping them develop), check out the chats and conversation on Twitter, and if you’re new, search for #SAGrad and put it on the end of your tweets.  We’re building a digital cohort across the US to learn, reflect, challenge, and discuss with.  It’s hard to say where we’ll end up, but I’m willing (and excited) to find out!

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