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A Tourist Among Architects

August 28, 2010

More than once over the last few weeks I have found myself thinking ‘I have a lot to learn.’  It’s easy to shake this notion off with the assurance of being in a new place, learning a new culture, defining my professional style and attitude (all in building my professional reputation), but it feels a like turning a hobby into a career.  Truthfully, the only analogy to this undertaking of competencies and mastery is the transition from a Tourist to an Architect.

Tourists can tell you the facts; they can tell you where the building is located, they know how to get there, and maybe they can even tell you when it was built, who it was funded by, and the defining moments in it’s history.

But architects tell you what it’s built out of, the philosophy behind the floor plan, what the inspiration for the building was, and the references to the past at play in the design.

As I ‘acclimate’ to a new campus, position, and new professionals, I realize that my time as an undergrad prepared me as a great ‘tourist.’ I know my way around some of the basics, and I may even be able to talk a little bit about the experiences I have through ‘pictures,’ I’m realizing the depth of my ignorance.  Thankfully, I’m surrounded by ‘Architects’ ready and willing to patiently describe the importance of the frameworks behind the walls as I get distracted by the pictures on them.

It’s exciting.  I’m ready. I’m so ready.

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